Kyr (the Forest King)

Kyr was one of the Old Gods, whom it was said created Athalas in unison. Kyr was venerated as a god of nature, healing, spiritualism, and peace, and he is seen as one of the wisest and most knowledgable of the Old Gods.

It is said that Kyr was slain by Orrun the Cynic, who was mislead by Baphomet, the demon of old.

The death of Kyr lead to [[The Wild Reprise]], where nature turned against civilization with gruesome ferocity, until The Great Balance was restored by the druids Meredar and Aldera, Orrun absorbed some of Kyr's essence and became somewhat of a nature god himself, forsaking his name in self-disgust when he realized his evil actions, preferring simply to be called Nameless One and to not be venerated at all. 




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