Chronicles of Kyrvaast

TMoG&L: How Gill and Loktai became Burning Skull tribesmen

The (Mis)Adventures of Gill and Loktai: Session 1 - How Gill and Loktai became Burning Skull tribesmen or The Burning of a Magnificent Raven

In which Loktai meets Gill and they become members of the Burning Skull barbarians.

Real Life Date of Session: Sunday, August 28th.

Participating Players: Gill and Loktai. 

In-game Date: Yet to be determined.

"There are rules you must follow during your stay on Darkfury Isle. First, you are not to bother Admiral Krayes under any circumstances. Always come to me. Second, you are under no circumstances allowed to in any way hurt, steal, or damage the property of any lawful citizen of Darkfury Isle, or you shall be dealt with swiftly and without mercy. That is not a threat, my good men and women. That is merely the Law on Darkfury Isle. Third, any wanted persons, dissidents, deserters, or practicioneers of criminal activities you encounter on this isle, shall be reported immediately to me. If you apprehend them and bring them to me, you shall be given fair payment. Fourth, there are no freebies. Everyone on this isle has to make a living. You are not somehow above the common laws of trade. Fifth rule. Do not disturb the peace. You are not here to get drunk and cause a mess. You are here to hunt for the Darkfury Devil. Drunkards causing trouble in any establishment or in the streets shall be dealt with appropriately. Also, try to disturb the good citizens of Darkfury Isle as little as possible. I know you have to investigate, but I don't want any unnecessary complaints, alright." – Vigor Keldenheim, Sheriff of Darkfury Isle

Llanwellyn and Doggie, the faun druid and his wolf-hound companion, Mulgor the half-ogre, and Loktai Thornton, a half-orc paladin of Almeya, are among the bounty hunters gathered at [[The Blade & Stars]] tavern and inn in Mistport. Vigor Keldenheim, the sheriff of Darkfury Isle, lays down the rules for the bounty hunters of how they must behave while they are on the isle. He also suggests that the bounty hunters start their hunt by talking with some of the witnesses to the Darkfury Devil. He tells them that the closest witness, Jerago Phenlin, a shepherd and farmer lives by the old lighthouse on the cliffs just outside of Mistport.

The PCs then speak with the innkeeper, [[Madaea Norine]], a beautiful elven woman, who serves them some food and drink, and asks them if they would do her favor, and check up on The Glowing One, a mage who lives by the old statue of Almeya behind [[The Blade & Stars]].

"The Glowing One's an old mage who accidentally transformed himself into some sort of energy wraith, and is now begging Almeya for mercy and pity. He has lived by the old statue of Almeya behind the Blade & Stars for almost two years now. In the beginning it was just him and his familiar Melvin, but since then a small camp of other people looking for pity from the Maiden of Mercy, has grown up around the statue." – Madaea Norine, Innkeeper at the Blade & Stars

Loktai speaks with a man named Lucien Vartem, a rather greedy accountant, who upon being paid a few gold coins, tells Loktai a bit about The Glowing One and about the local criminals who call themselves the Mistport Cutthroats.

The PCs then leave [[the Blade & Stars]] to go look for The Glowing One.

"He knows I don't like to be alone in the dark. Oh, why didn't he listen to me?" – The Glowing One

The PCs learn that The Glowing One's familiar, the fire mephit Melvin, has went into the old cemetery beyond the wall behind the statue of Almeya, to investigate some weird noices they heard, despite The Glowing One telling him not to go. The Glowing One tell the PCs who offer to help in turn for information, that there is a secret entrance to the cemetery behind a nearby crate. The PCs go to search for Melvin.

In the cemetery, they soon find the corpse of the grounds keeper near the opened entrance to a crypt. They decide to investigate further and venture down into the crypt.

Down in the crypt the PCs encounter a group of grave robbers (who probably murdered the grounds keeper). One of them claim to be Skaen, leader of the Mistport Cutthroats.

Loktai takes up a defensive position behind his shield in the doorway as the grave robbers begin to shoot crossbow bolts at them. Mulgor charges into the room and kills the one claiming to be Skaen. All in all, the PCs disperse of four grave robbers, while a fifth is on his way out of the crypt. (Doggie has been sent after the one that is escaping.)

The End of Session 1.



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