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Welcome, Inquisitive One, to Kyrvaast, one of the Greater Continents in the wondrous world of Athalas, a world on the Plane of Thanos, in the Sphere of Corsades, a world orbited by the Triplet Moons: Kyrath the Emerald, Sangral the Blood, and Siluen the Silver; and itself orbiting the sun Thanos. It is the Age of the Architect, Year 786 CoG (Count of Greva: Year of the Count of Greva Lerendis).


Kyrvaast is named for the Old God Kyr, who besides creating Kyrath, the Emerald Moon, is a god associated with forests, hidden places, healing magic, life, and nature.

In the current day and age in Athalas, the various races and cultures of Kyrvaast has little to do with other continents. Even though they are known, the journey back and forth alone is way too perilous to be profitable, let alone that the strange inhabitants of those far-away lands are supposed to be extremely deadly, so any attempts at colonizing would be very costly in both resources and men.

One of the greatest powers in Kyrvaast is undoubtedly The Kaiserdom of Caladyr, ruled from the magnificent city of Irith Dunir in the province of Irithia (the other provinces of Caladyr are Orlyria, Wyveria, Whelyr, and Nevera) by Kaiser Everis Khorvenstone.

Another great power on Kyrvaast is the Kingdom of Galdor, ruled from the ancient Kholdrathan city of Karth Meran by High King Yrnkrage.








[[Dhym Alyth]].





a world of wizardry and wonder, warriors and warlocks, where wandering wardens of well-meaning villagers wage war with a vengeance versus vile and vehement villains who will lay waste and bring violence wherever their way of wrongdoing and villainy happens to bring them. Woe to the wicked!

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