Secrets of Darkfury Isle


Welcome to the Obsidian Portal for the "Chronicles of Kyrvaast: Secrets of Darkfury Isle" game.

Campaign Info: 

The Chronicles of Kyrvaast campaign begins on Darkfury Isle, half a day's journey from mainland Kyrvaast and the Caladyrian port city of Korthas.

In the party are: Andrastus Roivas, an elven former thieves' guild leader; Llanwellyn, a faun druid with a wolfhound companion; Mulgor, a half-ogre barbarian; Roe Mo'Rah, a young female human warrioress; the half-elven bard Tarafear Lomelinde; and Tiberius Kravstaf, a cleric of the storm god Khauros.

Where to start: 

On this Obsidian Portal, you will find loads of information about the world of Athalas (the name of the world in the Chronicles of Kyrvaast setting) and about the actual game. Below, you will find some useful links if you don't know where to start.

General Setting Information

The Adventure Log

Deities of Athalas

Nations of Kyrvaast

Races of Athalas

House Rules

Character Workshop: 

Character Workshop: The Character Workshop is a collection of "tools" to help you flesh out your character and make them more interesting, appealing to play, and better tied to the world (retroactively). If you think there is room for improvement but you don't know what to do, check out what the Workshop has to offer!

Secrets of Darkfury Isle

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