Nations of Kyrvaast

Nations of Kyrvaast

 Northern Lands: 


Brezzemta – The Magocracy of Brezzenta is ruled by the Primo Tezzitori (First Weaver) from the city of Brezzenta.



Caladyr – Kaiserdom ruled from Irith Dunir in the Caladyrian Imperial Province of Irithia. Caladyr has three main provinces: Korthasia, Irithia, and Whelyr, as well as a wealth of colonies.



Darakos – Land of the Scarlet Hawk. The Kingdom of Darakos lies south of Tarnoth and east of Caladyr. The Darakosian people are ruled by King Krovus Kelesarin from the city of Dhyn Lhiros.

Currency in Darakos - Darakosian Cousine - Darakosian Noble Houses - Darakosian Names -


GaldorGaldor  is the land in the north, beyond the Dren Adir forest and the Lhorgren Mountains. Galdor is actually a conglamorate of several smaller kingdoms, including: the Skergaldr Isles, Krenlir, Highmoor, Rykia, and Lhyffgard, ruled by the Council of Kings from the city of Karth Meran.

Currency in Galdor - Galdorian Cousine - The Untamable North - Galdorian Names -


Tarnoth – Land of the White Stag. Tarnoth is a kingdom east Caladyr. It is ruled from the city of Talingraff

Currency in Tarnoth - Tarnothian Cousine - The Rangers of Tarnoth - Tarnothian Names - 


Teltamar – Land of the Black Unicorn. A strong kingdom along the Teltam River.

Currency in Teltamar - Teltamarian Cousine - Trouble in Teltamar - Teltamarian Names - 


Tirimia – Ruled from the city of Mirtarn, Tirimia is the southernmost of the nations considered to be the Northern Lands.

Currency in Tirimia - Tirimian Cousine - The Gateway to the North - Tirimian Names -

 Median Lands: 



















Yalrin, Ylmund, Fryn, Lorgren, Samel, Venek, Bhorlund.,

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Nations of Kyrvaast

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