The City of Korthas:

Korthas is the provincial capital of the Caladyrian province of Korthasia, in northern Caladyr. It is a port city lying on the Caladyrian Coast off the Grimgal Sea.

Korthas is sometimes called Northgate, as it is seen as the access point to the lands north of Caladyr.

 General Information: 

App. Population: 11,649.

Demography: 70% Humans, 9% Dhouvarr, 9% Elvenfolk, 6% Krimir, 4% Half-Orcs, 2% Other,

Rulership: Caladyrian. Korthas is ruled by the Council of Seven (Avelios Galin, Greyen Felbern, Noris Colven, Deon Dacalian, Myrlis CorveganKyldren Manek, and Coltron Barlek).

 The People of Korthas: 

Noble Houses of Korthas:

House Galin

House Felbern

House Colven

House Dacalian

House Corvegan

House Manek

House Barlek


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