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Khauros is the Lord of Storms. He is also associated with strength, battle, wrath, destruction, and honor. The Galdorians call him Virak Stormwrath.

Khauros' clergy are lead by the dwerro cleric Kelgram Stormheart from the Temple of Khauros in the city of Irith Dunir, the capital of Caladyr.

Khauros' champions are known as Tempest Souls.

Devotion Power: Stormlord's Fury.

Stormlord's Fury:

Each time a devotee of Khauros takes damage, he gains 1 Fury Point. (his max Fury equals his level)

Fury Points may be expended in the following ways:

1 Fury Point: +1 to hit.

2 Fury Points: +1d6 damage.





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