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Chronicles of Kyrvaast is a campaign setting for D&D 3.5. It is a medieval fantasy setting.

The world of Chronicles of Kyrvaast is called Athalas. Kyrvaast is a continent. The other continents aren't well-known to the people of Kyrvaast.

Some important points about the setting:

  • No Asia-equivalent: Kyrvaast does not have an equivalent to Asia and therefor martial artist monks, ninjas, and other concepts rooted in asian history does not exist.
  • Technological Stage: Medieval Europe is probably the closest real life analogy to the general stage of technology and civilization in Athalas, although many things are quite different as it is a fantasy world, and not a Medieval Earth Simulator.
  • Classic Fantasy, but its own: Athalas is a world of knights, wizards, kings, orcs, elves, and dragons, but do not assume that everything which exists in a typical D&D world exists in Athalas. For example, instead of halflings and gnomes, there is a short, rather fuzzy and large-eared race called krimir. I like the "oldschool" fantasy vibe, but I like to mix the recipe up a bit with spme of my own ingredients, to keep things interesting. 
  • Arcane Magic: Magic is pretty prevalent in Athalas, albeit only a small percentage of the world's combined populace of sapient beings are gifted or learned in the arcane arts.


General Setting Information

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