Chronicles of Kyrvaast

SoDI: Session 0a - Arriving in Mistport

SoDI: Session 0a – Arriving in Mistport

A minisession for the first batch of players

Real Life Date of Session: Sunday, August 14th.

Participating Players: Soft, Belle, Griffin, Dakota, Ryan, and Tarryn. 

In-game Date: Yet to be determined.

A ship is sailing through the dark green waters of the Grimgal Sea, towards Darkfury Isle from the city of Korthas in northern Caladyr. On board the ship is Llanwellyn, a jovial faun follower of the Old Gods with a wolfhound companion simply called Doggie, [[Roe Mo'Rah]], a young female human warrior, Andrastus Roivas, an elven rogue, Tarafear Tomelinde, a female half-elven bard, Mulgor, a half-ogre mercenary, and Tiberius Kravstaf, a devotee of Khauros, the Lord of Storms. The PCs all have one thing in common: They are going to Darkfury Isle to hunt for the notorious Darkfury Devil.

The PCs speak with Moreg Drarn, a half-orc bounty hunter, who is also going to Darkfury Isle to hunt for the Darkfury Devil, in the cargohold of the ship which has turned into a tavern, as the main purpose of the voyage is to bring the bounty hunters to Darkfury Isle. It turns out that no one really knows what type of creature the Darkfury Devil is.

Darkfury Isle comes into sight. A small mountain range rises from the center of the isle, looming over the surrounding land. Black clouds hang above the isle, and thunder can be seen and heard, flaring up the dark evening sky.

The ship docks in Mistport's harbor and an old man who works for the Harbormaster walks out on the pier to welcome the bounty hunters. He informs them that the sheriff of the isle, Vigor Keldenheim, who has been appointed by the governor of the isle Admiral Selden Krayes to handle the Darkfury Devil business, is waiting for them in a tavern and inn called the The Blade and Stars with other bounty hunters, but just as he is about to escort them there, a crude sahuagin spear pierces his head and he falls into the dark harbor water. The sahuagin are difficult to see in the mist, but the PCs manage to kill off about four of them, before they retreat. 

The PCs then proceed to The Blade and Stars, a large green three story building with a big round sign above the door, where a magically animated scimitar dances among blinking stars.

Vigor Keldenheim, a white-haired man with one white eye and one blue, welcomes the PCs and the session concludes.

The End of Session 0a.



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