Chronicles of Kyrvaast

SoDI: Session 0b1 - New in Korthas

SoDI: Session 0b1 – New in Korthas

A minisession inlcuding one new player and two of the original players, taking place some time prior to the main storyline, in the city of Korthas, in northern Caladyr.

Real Life Date of Session: Monday, August 15th.

Participating Players: CountryWeasel, Dakota, and Ryan. 

In-game Date: Yet to be determined.

"Korthas. Northernmost city in the Kaiserdom of Caladyr. Some Caladyrians refer to it as Northgate and think of it as the northernmost bastion of true civilization at the edge of more savage lands. Hah. Sometimes you have to laugh at how these soft-handed powderasses think, always believing their way of life to be the superior one. Wouldn't you agree, Saer Gill?" – Kargron

In this session we come to meet one new PC - Gill, a magically talented krimir, played by Chris – as well as learn some more about the Caladyrian city of Korthas on the mainland of Kyrvaast, particularly about its underworld.

Gill has just arrived in Korthas and is walking through its Harbor District accompanied by the Galdorian swordsman Kargron, whom Gill has befriended on his journey there, when they are ambushed by ruffians who want to rob them of their weapons and valuables.

At the same time, our elven rogue [[Andrastus Roivas]] is watching the ruffians set up the ambush from the rooftops, and Mulgor, our beloved not-so-bright half-ogre is taking a drunken piss in an alley in the same area.

The PCs disperse of the thugs, and learn that they are working for a criminal organization called The Laughing Shadow and its leader The Grinning One, who is supposedly the King of Korthas' underworld.

The four of them (Gill, Andrastus, Mulgor, and Kargron) then make their way to [[The Red Lady's Meadhall]], a tavern where Kargron is supposed to find his friend, the red-haired krimirGhelan Poltus.

They meet Ghelan, who offers them 1,500 gp to kill the troll Raka-Chal, who is the leader of a ring of criminals who are rival to The Laughing Shadow, and are informed that they will be able to find Raka-Chall that same night in the tavern The Eye of Khamanu on Eagle Bridge.

The End of Session 0b1.



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